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The jellyfish-proof fence

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Features :
  • Protection against oil residues, and floating materials
  • Quick to install (3mn)
  • Grants a clean and safe bathing area
  • Keeps nautical vehicles away from bathing area
  • Easy storage
  • Keeps the children safe
  • Maintenance free

Why use Stopjellyfish ?


Many have had the painful experience on the beaches, especially in the south, but not only: jellyfish are regularly present.
They do not attack, nor do they sting to defend themselves. A simple contact makes their poison cell burst.
The Mediterranean species is the most stinging. More and more beaches in the Mediterranean are installing nets to protect bathers. It is the case in Cannes.

How to install ?

The install of the net is extremely simple and fast.
Click on the video below to show the setting up on a boat in less than 3 minutes !



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